Gateway homepage not showing projects

I have installed Ignition 8, under a Linux (Lubuntu) VM, and following the ignition University courses to get the certification. Everithing works great, but, I have created a project (consisting in only one window) with the designer, and then have downloaded the vision clients. I can acces the vision from the vision launcher, and works great. From the Gateway/Config/projects, I can see the created project, but, the project is not showing in the gateway homepage.
Why could this be??. I have read the manual and cant figure out why.

Ps: I checked that the firewall is inactive with (sudo ufw status, and it says inactive), and I open the traffic in the port with (sudo ufw allow 8088/tcp), as I read on the manual that this 2 things are necesary.

Thanks a lot in advance.

What do you mean that it doesn’t show in the gateway homepage? That there’s no launch link? Those are completely gone from Ignition v8, as current versions of Java no longer support JNLP (webstart). Use the client launchers.


Thank you very much!!