Gateway is accressed on VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adaptor

I’m running an Ignition Gateway in Windows 10, where I also have VirtualBox setup. The VirtualBox configuration includes 2 VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapters, each with an IP on a different network than the Windows 10 machine. Regardless of whether or not I have a virtual machine running, the Ignition Gateway is accessible on port 8088 of each of the Host-Only IP’s, in addition to the host machine’s IP.

How do I stop Ignition from being accessible on the VBox Host-Only IP’s?

EDIT: Another way to ask this question is; How to control what interface the Gateway listens on?


Assuming v8:

Networking → Web Server → Public HTTP Address

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This issue really had more to do with the VM network config.

The default VB VM network config includes a single NAT interface, whic is good for getting out of the VM, but not back in. In order to get back in (i.e. access the gateway from the host), a 2nd Host-Only VirtualBox Adapter should be configured. Also, it works out well to enable the DHCP server in the Host Network Manager.