Gateway is behaving slowly

So I’m seeing some really slow performance from one of our gateways. Tags are going stale, I’m seeing driver timeouts, database connections are filling up, and queries are super slow. We’ve already increased the “Max Wait” time in the connection pooling settings up to 20000 from 5000 on the database connections where we’re handling the application data. The gateway is running version 7.2.6 (b128).

We’re not sure where to go from here. Any ideas?

I just spoke with Greg on the phone. I am going to keep this updated in the event that another user runs into a similar situation.

The server is running a 32bit OS with 3 GB of memory. Ignition is configured to use 2 GB of memory, and the server is also hosting 2 clients. The clients are reported as using more than the default memory allowance. The server is also running their SQL database as well.

It appears that the current OS and memory are not enough to sustain optimal performance. Greg will be looking into upgrading the system with a 64bit OS and also 8 GB of memory.