Gateway is faulted +Log attached

Hi, suddenly i got Gateway is faulted , i checked services is running . could you guide me how to track the reason and how to cover it ?
attached log file
Wa.txt (130.0 KB)


What version of Java?

This is a bug that we fixed in 7.9.5. The workaround is to delete the data/jar-cache folder and restart the gateway. The modules will then load normally.

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Version 8 update 151 (Build 1.8.0_151-b12)
even i remove ignition and installed last updated version 7.9.9 but still

i uninstall Ignition from my PC , then install last updated version.
Gateway was up and running .
once i import backup Gateway . it back to error and din’t up again .
even i upload different version of backup which i have .

attached log file .
wrapper.log (66.9 KB)

Sorry, it looks like you ran into a different bug during the restore. Try this: stop the gateway and remove all files that end with .gwbk from the /data folder. Then start the gateway and run the restore again. If that still fails, then it might be faster to just call into Support and they can straighten everything out.

Hi matgos,
Thanks for your support
i removed all *.gwbk THEN Gateway got up then restore my backup and again down .
i did a lot of trail then remove ignition and install Ignition-7.9.4-windows then restore backup and finally work with v7.9-4