Gateway Launch Page

So I’m diving into my first project and after searching through the manual and forums, I can’t figure out how to do a couple of simple things on the launch page:

  • Center the page. When the client is launched, it’s stating location is 0,0.

  • Change the shortcut icon that Ignition creates the first time it’s launched. Now it’s just the default white icon.

The launching location is because of web start, that cant be changed, an alternative would be to have the project launch full screen.

The Ignition icon will change, the only way to prevent it from changing is to create a direct link. You can find more information on that by following this link … =70&t=4919

Alternatively you can clear the Java cache then relaunch from the Ignition homepage and that will recreate the icon. The solution of the direct link will prevent the icon from changing.