Gateway log full of 'ResourceReferenceRegistry' warnings

Can someone shed a light on why is my gateway log full of "ResourceReferenceRegistry" warnings:

What does that even mean...?
This is a fairly new installation of 8.1.23 (1 month) and upgraded to 8.1.24 with one project in development and I have only Vision, no Perspective...

I just found that every time I click on the 'Config' tab and then back to 'Status' tab and 'Logs', there's a new entry in the logs...

What OS do you use/how did you upgrade?

It seems like the backing framework we use (Wicket) is complaining that the headerlogo.gif asset cannot be found. Which might make sense, because I don't see a headerlogo.gif in our assets, but presumably more people would have encountered this if it was a common problem.

I'm on Windows server 2019.
I installed Ignition 8.1.23 in a new/fresh Windows server, worked on a project for a month, and last week I upgraded to 8.1.24.
I upgraded just as I've done a hundred times before: I ran the 8.1.24 install .exe file and everything goes smoothly...

Interesting. Well, the "good" news is that it's definitely not indicating anything too significant as a problem. I'll do some digging to see if I can figure out what might be going wrong/if this is a common issue.

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