Gateway log full of 'ResourceReferenceRegistry' warnings

Can someone shed a light on why is my gateway log full of "ResourceReferenceRegistry" warnings:

What does that even mean...?
This is a fairly new installation of 8.1.23 (1 month) and upgraded to 8.1.24 with one project in development and I have only Vision, no Perspective...

I just found that every time I click on the 'Config' tab and then back to 'Status' tab and 'Logs', there's a new entry in the logs...

What OS do you use/how did you upgrade?

It seems like the backing framework we use (Wicket) is complaining that the headerlogo.gif asset cannot be found. Which might make sense, because I don't see a headerlogo.gif in our assets, but presumably more people would have encountered this if it was a common problem.

I'm on Windows server 2019.
I installed Ignition 8.1.23 in a new/fresh Windows server, worked on a project for a month, and last week I upgraded to 8.1.24.
I upgraded just as I've done a hundred times before: I ran the 8.1.24 install .exe file and everything goes smoothly...

Interesting. Well, the "good" news is that it's definitely not indicating anything too significant as a problem. I'll do some digging to see if I can figure out what might be going wrong/if this is a common issue.

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Today I upgraded to v8.1.25 and it's still the same...
Every time I click on the 'Config' tab and then back to the 'Status' tab and 'Logs', there's a new entry in the logs...

Can you send a gateway backup in to support? Since you can reproduce across versions it's evidently something on your local system, and a gwbk should hopefully capture what.

Sure. .gwbk is around 20 Mb in size.
Where to send it and what to say?

Just email You can reference this forum thread, which should help the rep shortcut a bit of the process since I'm telling you to send it in.

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The support (and @PGriffith of course) gave an idea and it was the right one...

I would check browser extensions that change the appearance of pages. Things like dark mode readers, etc..

When I tried in a different browser there was no error.
So it must be something in my browser... and I found it.

I have a Dark Reader extension in my Chrome browser and when I disable the extension in Chrome settings, the error is no more.


Just ran into this issue! Thanks for returing to this thread with the solution.