Gateway log not logging

This morning our gateway stop updating the log. The wrapper file is growing and updating, but we don’t see any new logs on the gateway. Several clients are running fine and there seems to be no other issues.

Other than restarting the gateway, does anyone have any ideas?

I’m having the exact same problem, on a production system so I don’t want to restart the gateway. Did you ever figure out to to get the wrapper log going without a gateway restart?

No I was not. Eventually did a gateway restart.

I was told by IA that writing a None to the log can cause this on some earlier 7.9 versions. So you are probably better off to try and find the bad logging before restarting. Things like this:

if x is not None:

I think the problem is fixed on version 7.9.14

OK - Thanks, I think we are running 7.9.12. I guess we will have to restart also.