Gateway log of logins

Is there a place where users get logged when they startup a session? I couldn’t seem to find any.Thanks, Jake

If you enable auditing for the project, login and logout events will be logged:

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So I think I have it done. In Security I have a profile setup for internal, I have the project Perspective audit enabled and set to that profile, but when I look at the logs it doesn’t seem to have any thing.Thanks, jake

Unless you’ve changed things from the default, simply launching a Perspective session isn’t actually a secured action; everything is unauthenticated. Auditing only kicks in once you change security levels or authorization, e.g. by logging in (or after logging in when you try to reach a page that requires authentication).

If you want to log even unauthenticated access to your Perspective page(s), then you’ll probably want a session startup script.

They are authorized connections. Also, this is odd, but everytime I try to get logs the date changes to days there wouldn’t be logs, not sure why.

Hard to debug without seeing exactly what you’re seeing, unfortunately. What are you using to view the audit logs? Can you show a screenshot?

You could try a table in Vision (with the audit log binding function type) to manually pass start/end time and other filters, or just run the system.util.queryAuditLog function manually.

so the 2nd one shows when I try to search and 1stafter I hit the search button. This is the interface in the gateway web app.

Can you show the project properties where you’ve enabled auditing in your project?
Also, what happens if you try a much wider date range, e.g 12/1/2021 - 1/1/2022 or something?

Same problem with longer period of time, here’s that screenshot

Hm, seems like everything’s correct. I’m probably missing someething obvious; I’d recommend getting in touch with support at this point.

Sounds good, thx

Just a note: audit logs capture a lot more than just session info. The name “Sessions” for your audit log therefore might be a little deceptive

Yeah, the setup was odd with multiple audits, figured I could cull out what we wanted:).