Gateway Log Question

I’ve had a client ask about increasing the visible entries in the Gateway log (Status/Diagnostics/Logs).
I increased the file size for the wrapper files in the ignigtion.config file, and it is definitely growing beyond the default 10Mb. It still seems like the Gateway page is limiting the number of entries that can be shown to around 50,000 (+/- a few).

Is there a way to increase the number of entries that are being viewed on the Logs page?
I’ve tried to find more info on this in the forums and documentation. I’ve been unsuccessful at both.
Is there some documentation out there that I’ve missed in regards to this?


The SQlite-based log appender that the gateway webpage uses is controlled in the logback.xml file in the data directory.
You should see a section like this:

  <appender name="DB" class="com.inductiveautomation.logging.SQLiteAppender">
      Maintenance Settings
      entryLimit: The maximum number of entries in the database. However, at any given time, there may be more than this number, due to how cleanup works.
      maxEventsPerMaintenance: The number of event that can happen before a maintenance cycle occurs.
      minTimeBetweenMaintenance: The minimum time (max frequency) between maintenance events. Takes precedent over max events.
      vacuumFrequency: The number of maintenance cycles before a "vacuum" is performed, to recover disk space.

      On disk, most log events are between 600-800 bytes.

If you move the entryLimit tag out of the commented block, you should be able to define a different max event limit.