Gateway Missing AB Driver for Firmware 21+

I have an Ignition server at 7.6.6. I have a new AB controller with firmware 32.011.

The Ignition gateway does not show a driver for AB controllers with FW greater than 21.

The AB Drivers module is version 1.6.6.

In the module sections of the gateway I have AB drivers but only two. One for the control logix and one for the compactlogix and both are for FW 20 and below.

Other Ignition servers have an additional AB driver for FW version 21+.

Is this server too old for the new driver and is there any thing I can do. We are doing a large upgrade so we will eventually go to Ignition version 8 but in the meantime I have to get this to work.

This driver wasn’t released until the 7.7.x series so there’s nothing you can do but use Kepware or RSLinx/FactoryTalk? and make an OPC connection to it.