Gateway MQTT Logs Cleanup?

Good Morning Ignition Community,

While MQTT is undoubtedly a valuable protocol for our automation needs, its extensive logging is proving to be a hindrance when it comes to troubleshooting and analyzing system performance beyond a single day. As a result, we're struggling to identify and address issues that might have occurred in the past, limiting our ability to fine-tune and optimize our automation processes.

Is there a way to configure ignition to log mqtt messages separately or even disable mqtt logging (we would like to keep the errors just disable the publishing logs)?

This is something to take up with Cirruslink, probably on their community forum.

If you want to quiet the logs, you can set the 'logging level' for any particular logger higher than INFO in the gateway UI, or persistently via the logback.xml file in the data directory. Then only warnings or errors will be logged to the rest of the system.

Hey Griffith,

To confirm if I set the logging level to warn for EngineRPCImpl it would only show warnings / errors?
Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, that's correct. But that change will be lost whenever the gateway restarts, so logback.xml is the route if you want to make that logging level change permanently.

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Where can we find info on modifying logback.xml for cases like this?

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