Gateway Network behind reverse proxy

Has anyone been able to connect to the Gateway Network via reverse proxy? For the life of me I can’t seem to get a remote site to establish connection. I am able to reverse proxy the gateway’s web page and perspective projects, but anything over port 8060…nothing. Note: I am using Caddy v2 as the reverse proxy.
I presume it is because the Gateway network uses websockets…but Caddy2 says it supports websockets by default and forwards all headers when using reverse proxy. Any Caddy experts out there?


My current setup is to allow web/perspective traffic through a reverse proxy…but GAN (gateway area network) connections are done directly between the remote ignition edge server and the central ignition server…bypassing the reverse proxy. Since all GAN connections need approval, I figured it is secure enough (yes we are forcing SSL for gateway networks). Maybe this is the best practice as any updates to the reverse proxy would not affect the connection between Edge sites.