Gateway Network between Ignition 7.6 and Ignition 8

I have been trying to create a gateway network connection between Ignition 7.6 on our main server and Ignition 8 on a secondary server, but can’t get it to work. There aren’t any specific gateway network options on the 7.6 gateway that I can find. I can’t find anything in the 7.6 user manual about it either. Is it possible to do this or will I have to upgrade the older gateway?

The gateway network didn’t exist in 7.6 - the GAN was fully introduced in 7.9, and had some protocol evolutions in earlier 7.9 releases, so you should definitely consider upgrading to the latest 7.9 release - it’s a pretty safe upgrade from 7.6, and still long term support for a few more years.

Ok thanks