Gateway network connection Status monitoring and alarming

I am wondering if there are any TAGS or any way in SCRIPTING to periodically check the STATUS of a Gateway Network Connection to another Ignition Gateway?

I will be creating a Gateway Network from an Ignition 7.9 to an Ignition 8.0.

I am looking for something I could ALARM on to tell operator that the connection is down.
I also want to “do something” when the connection is “BROKEN”.
I also want to “do some other things” when the connection is “RE-CONNECTED”


As default in 7.9 within the tag structure there are “System” tags. Have you checked them out?

Or you could look into the “Enterprise Administration” Modules

I looked in system.util

I found system.util.getGatewayStatus()

But I that only tells me if the specified GATEWAY is running.
It does NOT tell me any status on the Gateway Network Connection to the other Gateway.

I also looked through APPENDIX: Scripting Functions,
I found: That only gives a list of Gateways that are VISIBLE, that could be many many servers.

Nothing else will provide what I am looking for…hmmm…

…you could look into the “Enterprise Administration” Modules…

FYI by System tags I meant these: