Gateway Network Faulting

We have a Perspective Project that is connecting via Gateway Network to several locations, many of which have a mediocre internet connection, so it’s not uncommon for a couple to be faulted. When we connect to 5 or 6 Gateway Networks we don’t have any issues, occasionally one or two will fault for a while and come back but the others stay up. When we ramp up and try connecting to 9 or 10 it will run for a little while, but always ends with every connection faulted and I have to go back through and turn off a couple before it will start connecting again. Any idea why this is happening or solutions? The internet connection isn’t down on all of them, it seems that once a couple fault it drags down the rest and won’t reconnect.

What Ignition Version are you using?

In the Gateway Network configuration settings there is a setting for “Allow Proxying” - the default value is false, I would recommend confirming that it is still false.

Our Perspective Project is 8.1.5, the Gateways it is connected to are typically 7.9.17.

Just checked, and the allow proxying option is still false.

Appreciate the reply

Thanks for checking that. Are these GAN connections being used for remote providers from the 7.9 Gateways? Which direction is the outgoing connection of the GAN connection going?

For your case your setup sounds like a hub and spoke - where the Perspective gateway is the hub and the 7.9 Gateways are the spokes. We recommend the outgoing connections originate from the spoke Gateways. Meaning the hub should only have incoming connections.

Yeah, that’s correct, we have outgoing connections from the Perspective project to each gateway. I’ll try flipping it and see if we get better results and report back. Thanks for the suggestion.