Gateway network IDs

On a central gateway, If I look at all the Incoming Gateway Network connections, I see a list of Ids…which is comprised of the gateway name followed by either a UUID or a URL (something like What dictates which one will be provided by the remote gateway? Out of the 80 or so remote gateways, I can’t find a pattern as to why some have UUIDs and others the URL. The problem with URLs is that for some reason the gateway is broadcasting the wrong IP address. All the remote computers are connected to their own local LAN, but also utilize a VPN which gives out a different IP every time it connects. Ignition sees this as an adapter in Windows and therefore displays those IP addresses on the Status/Overview page. The VPN disconnects frequently due to bad signal…and when that happens, a new IP is presented to the Gateway Network connection which doesn’t match the previous and therefore never establishes a connection. I have to delete, reset, re-approve, then it works again.

Any ideas?

This server is running 7.9.


Good question. All of ours show UUIDs, so I’m not sure what would cause it to show an URL instead.

Here is an example screenshot from somewhere else in the forums. You’ll notice two different gateways show up with different IDs…one with UUID and the other with an URL.

Perhaps someone from IA knows the secret…and can also shed light on which IP address is used when the PC has multiple network connections.

@drojas, I can try to look into this for you… One thing that might save me some time is knowing which specific versions (7.9.x?) those gateways are on (Ignition-gae870rd1drw371 and Ignition-gae870rd1drw373 as well as the one you’re viewing those connections from)?

Speculatively, I’m wondering if there was a point in history where the GAN UUID was actually just the gateway URL (and that gateway has simply maintained that through upgrades)… Take a look at the contents of ${IGNITION_INSTALL_LOCATION}/data/.uuid (might need to turn on hidden files/folders to see it if it is a Windows installation).

Ok, let me work on getting a list to see if there is a pattern. I do know we have different 7.9.x out there.

Based on a little dive, I’d venture a guess that the ones reporting a URL are 7.9.3 or older. It looks like there was some connection id overhaul that came with 7.9.4.

Yeap, turns out the URL ones are all on 7.9.3. I’m going to upgrade them and this should solve one of my issues.

Thanks for the help.