Gateway Network minimum requirements

Hi everone,
What I need to do to join three gateway to share tags, historian and alarms?

I should join two remote gateway with minimal requirements (2 clients, Modbus Driver, Alarms, Historian) to a central (unlimited clients, Modbus Dirver, Siemens Driver, Logix, Alarms and Historian).

I think to configure remote site gateway with this module:
Modbus Driver
Tag Historian
SQLBridge 100-Tags
Vision (2 clients)

And central gateway with:
Modbus Driver
Logix Driver
Siemens Driver
Tag Historian
SQLBridge 100-Tags

I would use Gateway Network to access from central gateway to remote system (tags and historian)

do I need other module? (I thinked to use EAM module but at the moment it’s too expensive for this application so I would not use)

I don’t need to tranfer data directly from db to plc, so I thinked to don’t use SQLBridge Full, but limited to access to DB to do some query to visualize some information on clients.

could I have some problems with limited license?

Other solutions, advice?


if you haven’t already, check out inductiveuniversity, it should answer a lot of your questions.

This is something you should discuss directly with your account representative, they will be able to tell you exactly what you need for each gateway to accomplish your goals.

Yes, I watched it and will watch, but I don’t understand how GatewayNetwork, Tag historian and SQLBridge are connected and how limited version limits power of gan

Obviusly, I discuss with him, but I wanted to know techical limts if I use a limited version, they are not clear to me.
For example
In a stand alone gateway
If I use limited Vision client witch 2 client I can open at the same time 2 client.
If I have SQLBridge 100 Tags I can configure untill 100 Tags in the groups
Tag historian have not limit

In a gateway network how limited version limit power of igntion.

Can you go into a bit more detail how you envision your project working (what it needs to do from the remote level and central level)? Do you plan on having a database at central and remote?

So at the central server you could drop the device drivers if you don’t plan on making connections from there to PLC’s.
SQL Bridge at the central GW… depends if you need Transaction groups at this level.

If you aren’t planning to log tag data at Central- you will not need historian licensed here, but will need it installed.

Gateway network essentially allows you to aggregate data from your remote sites, live tags, history, and alarms. Having unlimited at the central means you could run the equivalent remote site project at the central level as long as the connection is good.

Or if you want to do all the logging centrally (can still view locally as long as connection is up), you can store and forward from the remote gateways. You would install Historian module on all gateways, but you only need the historian license on the central gateway that is connecting to the DB.

I would a indipendet system at remote edge, with capability to inteface plc and to mange alarm and to store historical data. In a central site. In reality, central site manages a own plant with plc, alarm and historian. I would to allow to central site to watch remote and get on line data and historical data. I thinked to use remote tag provider in central site to access to online data and store those in central historian.


Based on what you have listed in your original comment it sounds like you have all bases covered for what you described.

Your remote configurations will only be limited to 2 concurrent clients. Additional clients could be launched against central gateway to view “local” data.

Unfortunately you can’t use central to log remote tag providers to a the central’s database (since those tag configurations exist at the remote gateway level). You can however set up tag history splitter and have history logging to both the remote’s local database and central’s database via remote historian with your configuration.