Gateway network ping rate cannot exceed 30s

I try to keep the bandwith low between an Ignition Edge and the main gateway.

When i set the ping greater than 30seconds i get this error:

method=onClose: Remote server forcibly closed the web socket: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Idle timeout expired: 30000/30000 ms

This manual states nothing about maximum ping rate, or settings in ignition.conf/gateway.xml:


  • Ignition 8.1.2
  • Outgoing connection from “Main” towards “Edge”.
  • Non-ssl connection (allready encrypted with IPSec)
  • Edge sync with remote alarm journal. Every 60s.

In 8.1.3, there’s a new setting to address this. It is on the incoming side under Config > Gateway Network > General Settings called Websocket Idle Timeout, which allows you to increase the idle time to be greater than 30 seconds.


Thanks for the info. Do snyone see any disadvantages to having a high ping rate?

The main server is simply a logging device for this project.