Gateway Network Qs - Remote Tag Providers and Scripting across gateways, scaling issues

Something that is kind of a pain is making sure that UDT definitions are the same across multiple gateways that all act as remote tag providers. Is there a feature that I am unaware that allows there to be a parent Definition on a centralized gateway to be passed along to other gateways?

IMO the remote gateways don’t scale very well if you have to manually copy everything across them - views, scripts, tag definitions. It would be nice if there was a gateway parent definition so large projects would scale easier. Maybe I’m just missing something, or perhaps this is already a feature request.

Any feedback or helpful hints are appreciated.



You need the EAM module to do all of that, not just the gateway network connections.

You can install EAM on gateways, reset trial mode, and test things out to make sure it does what you want. I hear your pain on UDTs and haven’t tried this yet, but suspect the send tags EAM task could be used to do what you’re looking for.

Ok we do have that module, I’ll take a look

Good luck, and let us know how it goes. If it works well to sync UDTs, I should move implementing this up higher on my list.

I just went down this path. EAM Send Tags definitely works, but is a bit of a pain to setup and maintain if you have a lot of unique provider names. The solution @Colby.Clegg floats here sounds ideal: