Gateway network tags diagnostics

My gateway was built with a abackup of another one.

When I delete GAN connections and restart the gateway I still have empty folder with orphan connections. Can we clean them ?

I don't understant what _0:0 and _0:1, _0:2 exactly means ?

Hello mazeyrat,

Those would have to be cleaned up in the internal database. I would suggest reaching out to support for assistance getting those cleaned up.

Also, what version are you currently running? There was a bug ticket for this issue but it should have been fixed as of 8.1.3.

For the _0:0 and _0:1, _0:2 before the gateway name, I believe the second number gets incremented when a new connection is made to a gateway with the same name as one that's been previously connected. This is because the tag wasn't properly deleted when the old connection was removed. On newer versions, since the tag is removed each new connection to a previously connected gateway shows as just _0:0.