Gateway network timeouts

Hello All,

I have about 4 incoming gateway connections (b-e) to one gateway(a). However of the 4, two of the gateways struggle to stay connected. These two gateways both have poor network connectivity. To get the gateways to resume I often have to go to gateway (a) and on incoming connections reset the connection.

The connection status on the remote gateways is usually faulted but on the main gateway (A) is still running. Only on resetting the “running” connection on Gateway A do I get a reconnect.

I’m assuming that Gateway A needs to check at a faster rate that the connection really exisits and drop it faster, so that when network access resumes the other gateways they are not blocked from connecting due to an exisiting connection.


Is there anything in any gateway’s wrapper log about the faulted connection? If so, can you post it here?


Thank you for replying, as we hosting in the cloud, I don’t want to post full logs here, it will show the public ip. Here are some screen grabs though. I have done a complete reboot on Gateway A and it seems to be behaving better. The screen grabs are from one of the remote gateways.