Gateway Network - Unable To Establish Connection

We have a Gateway (A) which was cloned to give us Gateway (B).

Within Config > Network > Gateway Network Settings, when attempting to set up a Gateway Network from A > B, you are presented with the usual options to approve/deny on the Incoming Connections tab on B. After approving and returning to A, the Outgoing Connection to B remains in a state of Faulted.

What we’ve checked:
1.) The UUID values. These are now unique (because of the clone, they initially weren’t)
2.) Under the Diagnostics Tab > Local Certificate Information, Gateway A’s name is the Common Name - which, because of the clone, makes sense but we are wondering if this could be causing the connection to fault. Additionally, if this has merit, how would you go about removing/re-adding this so that B’s name shows here, as you would expect.

Thank you

The simplest option might be to just remove the <IGNITION_INSTALL_LOCATION>/webserver/metro-keystore file and restart Gateway (B). The local certificate will be regenerated on startup if the file is missing (and will base its generation on the hostname of the system, so make sure that has been updated beforehand).

Great - we’ll give this a shot. Thank you.