Gateway network unstable and causing redundancy issues - Tips on logs to enable DEBUG or TRACE?


We are trying to figure out if the unstable gateway network connections are due to hardware or network configuration.

What are the best logs to enable DEBUG/TRACING or general tips to troubleshoot Gateway network stability?

  • Some background info-
    We seem to be encountering some stability issues with the gateways communicating over GAN. This is causing problems with redundant gateways as well. In our development environment we are not having these issues but when we recently moved to production environment the problems appear.

The usual port 8060 has been opened up and the gateways do talk to each other initially. But would frequently disconnect as the fault count does go up and we do notice some time out errors in the log.

Hardware wise we are running on virtual machine:
2 cores
16GB ram

The windows task manager does not show us maxing out on CPU usage.