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Hopefully someone can help, I have installed Ignition 8.1 on a Industrial PC with Windows 10, And I can’t get the gateway to open in the webbrowser. I get a title in the tab saying “Gateway not Running”, and on the window just get stuck with “Gateway Starting Up” . I restarted the Ignition Service and nothing.
I attached the Log Wrapper and the Ignition_conf file, please someone with similar or same issue, could help me? Really really appreciate! thanks!

wrapper.log (2.6 MB) ignition_conf.txt (4.9 KB)

there are a lot of errors and exceptions in there. it looks like the most recent is due to a trust store issue. Within the install dir go to lib/runtime and delete the jre-win directory and then try to start the gateway. The jre will be extracted again with a clean trust store

Many Thanks!, I passed this instruction to the IT Team, I will let you know if it works :+1:

I just run into this same issue this morning. My wrapper log looks similar, I removed the jre-win directory, but when I try to restart the gateway I get “A service specific error occurred: 1.” and it doesn’t extract a new jre-win folder. I restore the deleted jre-win folder and the gateway starts successfully but still the same issue connecting with browser and designer.

If you’ve installed Ignition and are starting it as a service (the typical configuration), then starting/stopping the service directly (via services.msc, for example) will not trigger an extraction of the JRE runtime. Easiest method is to remove that jre-win directory again and this time start the service via the start-ignition.bat file in C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition folder. This will look for the runtime, extract if needed, and then start the service for you. From this point forward, you’ll again be able to use the Services controls directly.

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That solved the issue, Thank You

thanks at all i have also same problem now it is clear thank u