Gateway not working

I have ignition 7.6.2 Installed on a Windows XP machine.

For some reason it is not starting.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. but the ignition gateway will not start.

I have not installed any thing new on the machine except my SQL work bench.

Attached please find the wrapper log files
wrapper.log (13.4 KB)
wrapper_Old.log (3.79 MB)

INFO   | jvm 2    | 2013/07/11 04:10:23 | Error occurred during initialization of VM
INFO   | jvm 2    | 2013/07/11 04:10:23 | Could not reserve enough space for object heap
INFO   | jvm 2    | 2013/07/11 04:10:23 | Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.

It looks like the machine might not have enough memory for the JVM to start? Have you modified the amount of memory in ignition.conf? Is this a 64-bit Ignition on a 32-bit machine?