Gateway - opc ua device connection - compact logix

I’m on 8.1.18

I’m trying to connect to an Allen Brandley CompactLogix PLC via the OPC UA Device connection…

I’ce tried with 2 PLC, first firmware 17.04 and second firmware 19.11, i’ve tried CompactLogix (Legacy) up to v20.18 and with the Logix Driver and both are able to connect but are unavailable in the OPC Connections Status.

So both connects but can’t browse it with OPC Quick Client?

Anybody can help me to fixe that issue ?

You’re making a device connection using a driver provided by our OPC UA server, not an OPC UA connection.

The status screen you’re looking at is for OPC connections. Device connections that use our drivers are not OPC connections.

I followed that steps but can’t see my connection in the Quick Client

Connecting to CompactLogix - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation.



How can I be able to attach tags to a provider ?

Only enabled OPC connections are shown in the Quick Client - is your Ignition OPC UA Server connection disabled for some reason? Along with 6 others that aren’t showing up?

That’s a device connection, not an OPC connection.

Look under Config > OPC Client > OPC Connections in the Ignition Gateway.

Thanks, Loopback was disabled