Gateway performance, CPU 100%, Clock drift

Hi to all,

I need your opinion on what is going on with gateway.

Clock drift is present all time. When we reset the gateway, the memory is ok, the CPU is with picks, and clock drift is present from the first moment. Then as the gateway runs and time passes, CPU usage and memory grow. The memory diagram looks ok, with no memory leakage.

What version is this? What hardware and OS ?

( No smoking gun is jumping out at me. )

Shot in the dark, but do you have an AD internal hybrid user source?

-VM OS Windows 2019
-Version: 8.1.16 (b2022040511)

And we do need AD internal hybrid user source. We are using primary modules, nothing additional, and nothing special. But the main view that is active 98% of the time is demanding regarding resources—a lot of scripting and binding. We have on-screen tables [1100x12], and on every 3s, we update each table’s cell with style.
The number of open sessions goes to 15
I don’t think we have enough processing power to show something like that. But I would like to hear opinions from others.


You only have two vCPUs’.

I’d start by bumping that to 4 or 8 straight away. 15 Sessions, if Perspective, place a load on the gateway. Even Vision adds more load the more clients you have running concurrently. Have you seen the IA server sizing guide?

Definitely add more cores to the VM.

Consider also taking any calculations that are typically run identically for many users and consolidate them into gateway event scripts (timer/scheduled/tag) with the results placed in dataset memory tags. Then the users’ views only have to display the result. Vision is pretty tolerant of calculations in the UI because those run in the client. Not so with Perspective.

I don’t know if it is your issue, but the ad internal user source queries the internal database for every user on the cache validation rate. I had an AD internal hybrid user source which had over 8000 users and it pegged my cpu every time it validated, support helped me narrow it down to ignition running over 8000 queries against the internal db every validation.