Gateway performance tags


Currently I’m using the following tag’s to display gateway information:

  • [System]Gateway/Performance/Memory Utilization
  • [System]Gateway/Performance/Disk Utilization
  • [System]Gateway/Performance/CPU Usage
  • [System]Gateway/Performance/Available Disk Space (MB)

But when I compare these values with the task manager (server) values they are different.

Can someone explain a bit more than in the manual what the values of these tags mean?

Here is an example of the different values at the exact same moment;

Tag values:
Server values:

I’m not so sure on the CPU or Disk usage, but it might be something similar or could be a bit of lag between tag updates and task manager somewhere.

As for memory, If I recall correctly, Java doesn’t always release the memory back to the OS once it is done using it. The application is likely using less than Java is reporting via task manager, since java will hold on to space in case it is needed again.