Gateway Process Guardian

Hi, I'm looking for a solution for monitoring the Gateway process and its underlying java runtime (Zulu Platform x64 architecture) so that in case of failure, the tool could restart the Gateway. Something like this: Automatically Restart Crashed Or Hanged Applications | but native in the OS or a more official or professional tool with the ability to identify more precisely the process to monitor. Kind regards.

The actual Java process that runs the Ignition gateway is already managed by a 'service wrapper' - specifically Tanuki's: What is the Java Service Wrapper? - Java Service Wrapper

The ignition.conf file is directly configuring the service wrapper. You will probably find a lot of the options you want in the documentation for the service wrapper.

Ignition specific service configuration is available here, although it's less management-of-the-process focused (since the wrapper handles most of that for us):

The Ignition gateway implements two generic endpoints for monitoring that should be easy to pull into common web-monitoring frameworks:

  • http://someGateway/StatusPing as JSON

  • http://someGateway/system/gwinfo as semicolon-delimited key-value pairs.

The former is super simple. The latter is more informative. Either could easily be incorporated in a large monitoring platform.

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Very interesting information, let me check it, thanks.