Gateway Recovery

Hi all,

So I the big stupid ... I'm amazing at backing up my work gateways, but somehow totally forgot to backup my home project Yikes and the worst occured :frowning:

I've been running Maker on a raspberry pi and somethings gone pop. Thankfully I can get into the memory card, but I'm unsure what files I need to copy across to a new instance so I can restore gateway scripts/tags etc. The project dir was a piece of cake :slight_smile:

Any pointers? Lesson learnt!


I would install the same version on the new system and then copy the entire install folder.

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Ill give it a go and report back!

I've done as per the above, and most things have come back!
But I'm missing all my tags!
Any idea where these may be stored? :slight_smile:

Internal DB. data/config.idb

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