Gateway redirects to Perspective Session URL

Hello there,

I had installed Ignition on my PC and later restored gateway of Perspective Demo VM. After that I am not able to access my localhost:8088 as when I go to this address, it redirects me to perspective demo session. Please suggest how can I access gateway

Can you reach the gateway home page by entering http://ip:port/web/home into your browser?
It sounds like you may have the redirect URL setting for your ip:port changed. Once you can reach the gateway homepage, can you check Config > Gateway Settings for the Homepage Redirect URL setting?

I tried that way too. I used ip instead of local host but it redirects to perspective session only.

I don’t know what settings were made by IA Sales team before uploading IA Demo projects gateway on IA Exchange. I only have restored that and facing this issue.

@stat anything on this?

Can you access either of these gateway webpages using the following links?

Status Page: http://[ipaddr]:[port]/web/status/
Config Page: http://[ipaddr]:[port]/web/config/

Yes this worked.

First thing I did is changed the gateway Home page link!