Gateway reloads active pages randomly [Perspective]

Ignition Gateway reloads active page randomly without any trigger from the user.
Can’t figure out why this is happening. Is there any fix for this?

How do you know it’s the gateway and not the browser?
Did you check the logs?
Is there a message in the browser prior to or during the reload?
Do you get the Ignition page loading anmation?

Any browser extensions loaded? Does this happen on every session you connect to the gateway, or only on particular computers? Does it happen in mobile app sessions? Perspective Workstation? Does it still happen if you restore your .gwbk onto another gateway?

How often does it happen - every minute, every hour, once a week? What Ignition version are you using?

It happens to me everyday in my testing environment. I think it has to do with your gateway logins. Next time check if your sessions reload when you are logging in your gateway.

If you’re using a session in the same browser as which you have a Gateway page open, the cookies will often clash, meaning as you log into one the other will eventually log you out. It’s not recommended to have Perspective sessions active in the same browser as an open Gateway page.

Additionally, Sessions will “refresh” whenever a Designer for the Gateway saves. If your sessions are open against a gateway that is undergoing active development, you should expect refreshes whenever someone saves their changes in the Designer.


That’s expected as we always test changes by saving the project. We can see that changes are being pushed out.

This is new to me. I don’t know if its stated elsewhere but thanks for the clarification here.