Gateway Restore Fail from 8.1.32 to 8.1.33 - Unrecognized VM option 'UseConcMarkSweepGC'

Hi all,
I'm not able to restore Ignition backup starting from version 8.1.32 to 8.1.33.

After few minutes from the start of the procedure to restore the Gateway, when it is in "Unknown" status the Ignition service automatically stops.
I see in the wrapper.log that the problem is related to the "UseConcMarkSweepGC" JVM configuration.
In my opinion the problem is related to the embedeed Java Update, from 11 to 17.0.8.

I upload the wrapper.log
wrapper.log (693.1 KB)

For my purpose this is not a big problem since I will manually export projects and tags and import that on the new version, but if there is a way to fix this without exporting all things I think it could be useful to anyone like me come across this problem.

Thanks in advance

Try removing that garbage collector option in the ignition.conf

It could also be that the Java path in the ignition directory isn't in your environment variables. We had that issues with one of our upgrades, it mentioned it couldn't find the Java exe though in the wrapper which I can't see in yours


CMS Garbage collection was (finally) removed in Java 14-ish. Removing the option flag is what you need to do, as Nick said..

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Not only was it removed, but it was deprecated long, long ago. Ignition hasn't put it in ignition.conf since v7.5 or v7.7. Your gateway is likely to behave much better without it, as the default GC has been G1GC for quite some time now.


Thanks for the replies.
Effectively by removing the configuration
from the Ignition.conf inside the Ignition 8.1.32 .gwbk file the Gateway restored and started correctly.


Thank you. This helped me as well.

You have saved me once again Nick, Jordan & Phil. Much appreciated, I was able to restore some previous projects and grab what I needed :slight_smile: