Gateway restore

I’m trying to restore a gateway backup onto a fresh gateway that I just re-installed. The Gateway I got the backup from is running 7.6.2 as well as the machine I’m trying to restore to. After selecting the restore file it just displays “GATEWAY status STOPPING”, I’ve let this run as long as 1 hour and nothing ever happens. If I close the window and goto the webpage I can see that it loaded the project but scan classes are missing so I’m guessing the restore didn’t fully take. Anyone run into this before? I’ve actually uninstalled and reinstalled the gateway on this machine before trying the restore just to be safe, no luck

Can you grab the wrapper.log file(s) and upload them here or email them to support?

I’ve since just manually added the missing scan classes and a few missing tags and it seems to be working, but if I can get the restore to work cleanly I can do it again.

So it looks like Ignition is expecting a specific value (0) for the MySQL JDBC driver id. You can go into the Gateway Configure section and look at console>advanced> and type in this query: “select * from jdbcdrivers” and post the results here. We might be able to change a few values in there to fix it. Please be very careful in here, you can do a lot of damage.

If that doesn’t work, we’ll need to take a look at your Gateway backup, would it be possible for you to send in your gateway backup to the

Sure thing I’ll email it.


I have fixed the problem in your backup and sent it back. The issue was what we suggested previously.