Gateway Schedule Timezone

Our gateway is in UTC time. When we set a schedule on the gateway, and put 8am-5pm as the schedule, it remains 8am-5pm when viewed in each user management component regardless of timezone of the client. When adding a modification to the schedule, I see they are stored in the DB as UTC time, but adjusted for the client timezone. IE if i enter 4pm-5pm availability in a -6 timezone, it is inserted into the db as 10pm-11pm which is what I hoped it would do.

So my question is, how does Ignition decide when a user is scheduled with system.user.isUserScheduled? When it checks the 8am-5pm schedule in an alarm pipeline is it using 8am-5pm UTC since the gateway is in UTC? If so then why does it always shows 8am-5pm availability in every client regardless of timezone?

What is the project setting for client timezone behavior?

Automatic. We have clients in Mountain and Central times frequently. We only ever set the schedules from the gateway config page, but assigning schedules to users and schedule adjustments gets done from the client.

Heres an example. I put a user profile on a 6pm-6am defined schedule from the gateway config page. Then in the MTN time zone client I placed a schedule modification. When I looked at it in the UTC timezone, the schedule still shows 6pm-6am but the schedule modification correctly shows the UTC time value.

So I’m curious how the saved schedules treat timezones, especially when in an alarm pipeline or calling system.user.isUserScheduled.