Gateway Scheduled Scripts Not Working

I am trying to use the new gateway scheduled script feature that got released in v8.1.6 (currently I am running v8.1.7). However, I am having trouble getting it to run. I am trying to get any script to work and it is not executing.

I am running a very simple script that I KNOW works because I ran it successfully from a gateway timer event script (same project, theoretically running from the exact same scope). That test script is:

	value = system.tag.readBlocking(['[myProvider]test'])[0].value
	system.tag.writeBlocking(['[myProvider]test'],[value + 1])

I also have the gateway scheduled event script currently set to run every minute (so I know I don’t have a weird timezone thing going on), and it is enabled.

I do not see any error messages in the wrapper log file or the status/logs page on the webpage.
All told, this leads me to believe that my script isn’t firing at all. Any thoughts as to why that may be happening?