Gateway Scheduled Task executing 4 times in a row

I have a Scheduled Gateway Script that I have tried both calling from my Parent Project Parent.GetPartnerCounts(), and directly within the script interface.(img1) The result either way is 4 returned loggers like the script is running multiple times when it executes. I have not found any reference to someone else seeing this error, and should also mention that the repeats all occur on the same timestamp (img2). Is there a command that I am missing to only run this scheduled task one time at the scheduled time? I want to be sure to clear this up before I start adding more Scheduled tasks that are executing SQL Stored Procedures for record keeping.

Is this scheduled script defined in a parent project that is inherited by 4 other projects?

Yes. So it is executing on all the projects? Can I avoid that by specifying the parent project in the call?

I'm not sure what "call" you're talking about. This is a scheduled script. It's going to execute on the defined schedule, there is no call to it. Since you inherit this scheduled script 4 times, it runs 4 times.

It almost sounds like you want to just be writing shared code in the script module section that your child projects can call when necessary. Not scheduled scripts.

see Project Library - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

So, I moved the Scheduled script definition from the Parent Project down to a single child project, then defined the Scheduled Script on the child. I then saw the results I expected. Thank you for clearing up my confusion. I will adjust the logic and call it correctly based on the projects. I appreciate the quick response.