Gateway script issue

This should be an easy one. I have the attached Gateway script running but it does not behave as I think it should. Most likely something simple I’m not seeing. I would like the tag, OneSecondFlasher, to toggle on/off every one second. Instead it just goes to true and stays there. I can set it to false in the tag browser and it goes back to true again but never goes false. What am I missing? Thanks. returns a qualified value - try getting the value attribute from it before using it in your comparison.

Yup, an easy one. I edited the script (below) and it works. Thanks for the help!

qv =“OneSecondFlasher”)
boolOneSecondFlasher = qv.value
if boolOneSecondFlasher == True:
system.tag.write(“OneSecondFlasher”, 0)
system.tag.write(“OneSecondFlasher”, 1)