Gateway script to change settings of gateway

Hello everyone,

is it possible to write a gateway script to change settings of the gateway.
For example change the ip address of a configured device.


No, there are no scripting functions right now to modify settings on the gateway. We have thrown around the idea here to create a bundle of scripting functions to modify devices, SQLTags, database connections and more on the gateway. I don’t know when we will have these functions.

Hi Travis,

i see that ignition uses the HSQL for the internal database, i was trying to connect to it with 3rd party software, but don’t know what the password for SA actually is. i know a sort of key is specified in the file but it still wouldn’t let me log on.
Thought i could have done it that way.

Anyways, i was wondering, Since Ignition uses HSQL and has the java hsql jar file in its library could one not use this within a script to change the setting for instance of the Devices Hosname / ip address.
I know one can import some of the java functions in a script and use them so one should be able to use the hsql java driver thats in the ignitions lib folder.

I know it’s a long shot but really need a feature of being able to change the ip address of a configured device dynamically.

Kind regards

That is a good observation. However, only one application can connect to the local HSQL database at a time which is Ignition. It wouldn’t be hard using the Module SDK to make a module that includes scripting functions to modify the internal database.

Hi Travis,

Looks like i’ll have to get the module sdk up and running then to get this working.
Bit of a long winded process to get this device thing sorted.
I thought one could access all java items within ignition that are part of ignition.

Maybe i got this idea wrong then.

Any hints / advice on getting this module with a script function to be able to change the Hostname / IP of a given configured device?

Kind Regards