Gateway Script Writing to Tag

Hi All,

I’m having an issue writing the value returned by a runNamedQuery to a tag,
if I replace “value” or “value1” with an integer it writes to the tag no problem,
Hoping someone can see something obvious,

CurrentBatchID ="[default]BatchID 1/BatchID").value
PrevBatchID ="[default]BatchID 1/PreviousBatchID").value
if CurrentBatchID == PrevBatchID:
value = system.db.runNamedQuery(“Test”,“Subtract Parts Made”, {})
system.tag.write("[default]BatchID 1/New Tag",“value”)
value1 = system.db.runNamedQuery(“Test”, “Select Parts Made”, {})
system.tag.write("[default]BatchID 1/New Tag.value",“value1”)

My named queries are as follows;
Select Parts Made - SELECT TOP 1 Parts_Made FROM Actual_Made ORDER BY t_stamp desc;

Subtract Parts Made - SELECT T2.Parts_Made - T1.Parts_Made AS Parts_Made, T1.t_stamp AS t_stamp
FROM Actual_Made T1
JOIN Actual_Made T2 ON T1.[t_stamp] < T2.[t_stamp ]
ORDER BY [t_stamp] desc;

Each work correctly when tested,
Any tips would be appreciated,


As your script is now you’re writing String values of “value1” and “value2”. Remove the quotes to use the value from your query.

Thanks very much that worked :+1: