Gateway Scripting Project

The name of the Project that gateway-scoped scripts with no project affiliation can access user script libraries in.

Does this mean that the specified project’s script library is callable on gateway script?
Can someone explain to me what it means please. I don’t quite get it…

Thank you.

Think of it as the the project that scripts written on tags can reference. In prior versions this was implicitly anything in the “global” area. In 8.0 global became just another project, and if you do an upgrade from previous versions you’ll see this setting is already set to “global”.

Does this Gateway Scripting Project mean anything in Ignition Edge where there is only 1 project ?

It means the exact same thing. I guess it just makes choosing the project a little easier :stuck_out_tongue:

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And only matters if you get the Edge Compute option, as gateway scripts don’t work in Edge without it.