Gateway scripts fail to run after some run


Hi All, I have the script status of my gateway script. Here, most of the script should be running every ten seconds or twenty seconds but the last run is over 2 minutes thereby not implementing the needed change. I want to know if someone has encountered such and a solution if possible.

You’ll have to share your logs and a thread dump to troubleshoot this. It might be best to call into support and let them take a look.

The most common cause for this is probably the script doing something that has blocked indefinitely.

Another far less common cause is that the script threw some kind of serious error (StackOverflowError or OutOfMemory) and the scan class has possibly stopped.

The first would show up in thread dumps, the second in your logs somewhere.

Hi Kevin,

thanks for your response. here are the copies of the logs and threads

gateway log.txt (4.1 KB) gateway script thread.txt (5.2 KB) gateway script thread2.txt (926 Bytes) gateway script thread3.txt (309 Bytes) gateway script thread4.txt (309 Bytes)