Gateway scripts not being recognized or run

I’ve noticed that on one of our gateways, no gateway scripts seem to be recognized, let alone running when they should. I can create scripts just fine in the designer, but they don’t show up in the “Gateway Scripts” part of the status page, is says there are none for timer, startup, shutdown when there really are. I use something as simple as this:

log = system.util.getLogger("test script")"test")

The one I really care about is the timer script. I’ve tried both fixed rate and fixed delay, dedicated and shared. Originally a 3,600,000ms timer but doesnt work on a 60000ms timer either.

I’ve compared this gateway to another nearly identical gateway where the gateway scripts work fine - it is as near as it can be while making the necessary minor name changes.

I can imagine the first suggestion of many is to restart it - unfortunately with whats relying on this, it is difficult to just restart it so I’d like to explore other options first.

Grab a thread dump and see if there’s a problem with the gateway’s exec engine threads. Also, what version of Ignition are you on?

Ignition version 7.9.6, gateway java is 1.8.0_121-b13. The full thread dump is pretty big, mostly unrelated - as far as exec threads go, doesn’t look too weird to me - either TIMED_WAITING, WAITING, or RUNNABLE. CPU % about 0.01-0.50 or so. I’m guessing sharing the actual thread dump is expected, but I’d like to be selective on what I share regarding that.

Might be time to contact support and share with them.

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Might be an issue with Projects not actually being Saved and Published in 7.9.6. Once I upgraded to 7.9.8 the Save and Publish functionalities of the designer were “more” respected by the Gateway. Maybe something to do with the Internal Database as well. I find that over the course of developing a project the Internal DB just keeps getting larger with every Save and Publish. Before I deploy my projects or do Final QA testing I make sure to Export my Project and any other configurations that I may need and the import everything to a fresh install of Ignition. After doing this I usually find about a 70% reduction in my Gateway Backup sizes, mostly attributed to the .idb file.

The reason your internal db gets larger and larger is the number of copies of resources we have to save for rollback. When you export, only the latest copy of the resource gets exported, so your idb magically shrinks.

That’s all solved in Ignition 8. :smile:


I figured that’s what was going on. Glad to know its fixed for Ignition 8 lol

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Actually I have seen that problem one time that seemed to fix itself. However I don’t think thats whats going on here. I’ve had this script there for 2 weeks and it hasnt been running the entire time. I’ve saved other things on that gateway in the designer several times and have those update fine.

That’s exactly what happened to me. Changes would publish in the Clients but changes within the Gateway scope were not being respected. I would call into support and see if they can find something.