Gateway servcie not starting

When I try to start the Ignition Gateway service from the GCU it appears to go start correctly, The Web Server starts and I get a messagae saying “The Ignition Gateway service is starting…The Ignition Gateway; service was started successfully.” But on the GCU the Gateway just says starting and never started. If I go to the web page it says the same thing: “Gateway status: STARTING” but never started. The installation was working and just started this the other day. I am running Windows 7 64 bit.

Thanks for the help
wrapper.txt (38.3 KB)

While the system is stuck in the “starting…” phase can you get a thread dump from the GCU and attach that as well?

Here is the thread dump.
wrapper.txt (38.3 KB)

Looks like you attached the same wrapper.log file again.

Try this again
GCUthreaddump.txt (19.8 KB)

Ok, we can tell what’s going on here. The Microsoft SQL Server JDBC (database) driver is blocking indefinitely, which is causing the rest of the Gateway’s start-up to stall.

The good news is that you’re not alone, as is apparent by the many people complaining about the same thing happening (not with Ignition, but with anything that connects to SQL Server). See this thread on the MSDN.

The bad news is that there doesn’t appear to be a ready solution, at least not one that I found with some brief Googling.

As SQL Server is a commercial product and this is their issue, I suggest we take this to their support people and see what they say. I don’t want this to sound like “passing the buck” but since it’s not in our code, it’s hard (impossible?) for us to fix. We could conference call with you guys and their support if you’d like, but you’ll have to initiate it since you’re their customer.

The pertinent “smoking gun” here is this stack trace, which shows a thread blocked forever on a blocking socket read with no socket timeout:

[quote] Method) Source)$1ConnectionCommand.doExecute($000($LogonCommand.doExecute([/quote]

I suggest you get in touch with your IT dept, they may know the proper channels to get Microsoft support to take a look. Since this seems to be a fairly common issue, they may have a solution.

We discovered today that the likely cause of this issue is the new Java 6 update 1.6.0_29. There is something wrong with either the Java update itself or the MS SQLServer jdbc driver that this update has brought to light. For now, rolling back to Java 1.6.0_27 fixes this issue.

You can download the Java installer for update 27 here:

I will keep that in mind. For now I went ahead and did an unistall/reinstall and it seems to be working fine.

Did you do an uninstall/reinstall of Ignition of or Java?