Gateway Shared Script not updated after save an Publish

We are experiencing a weird behavior I haven’t seen before. We have some gateway scripts, one of them we have a function to send an email as below.

def sendEmail (subject,body,sender, recipients, server):
	try:, sender, subject, body, 0, recipients)
	except  Exception, ex:
		messagetoSend = "Error sending email: " + str(ex.message)
		shared.GW_Scripts.LogErrorMessage("GW_Scripts.EmailScript", messagetoSend)

we have some tags that trigger events to call the function below.

def CallBadPalletNotification(tagPath):
		recipients = ['emails']
		sender = ""
		server = "mail.server"
                "*** Do something ***"
		subject = "A possible bad pallet was detected in line " + str(currentLine)
		body = "A possible \"Bad Pallet\" was detected \r\n"

		  "*** Do more stuff***"

	except  Exception, ex:
		messagetoSend = "Error preparing to send email: " + str(ex.message)
		shared.GW_Scripts.LogErrorMessage("GW_Scripts.CallBadPalletNotification", messagetoSend)

When we change the body contents or the recipients lists and save an publish we see the logs “restarting gateway scripts…” for both [Global] and [project].


However when we trigger an event, the recipients and body are still the previous version of the script.

Any ideas??

BTW. Ignition 7.8.4 (b2016082217)

This clearly seems like a bug, but the only thing I can suggest is to upgrade to a recent version and see if it’s fixed already. There were some issues with publishing in the past, so it’s possible.

We are planing the upgrade, however we haven’t been able to find a time window that makes us feel comfortable to perform the upgrade and possible rollback if something doesn’t work.

@Kevin.Herron Do you think if we restart the gateway, the change could be published?

Yes, I think restarting the gateway is likely to work.

There are also possible problems with python object lifetimes, particularly if you are importing from shared or project scripts instead of spelling them out everywhere: