Gateway should store all log files in /var

The gateway currently stores log files in /usr/local/bin/ignition/logs. These should be stored in /var. There is already a /var/log/ignition containing wrapper.log, as well as /var/lib/ignition so this should be fairly trivial to fix.


My logs.bin is showing in the /var/logs/ignition folder just fine, which version of Ignition/OS are you using?

I also have logs.bin in /var/log/ignition. However, Ignition is storing the HTML logs (Gateway.log.html.2013-01-07, etc) in /usr/local/bin/ignition/logs - this directory simply should not exist.


We’re looking into it. Thanks for the heads up.

Which version of Ignition are you using? Is it earlier than 7.3.3? The reason I ask is as of 7.2.6 Ignition changed from using that html file you referenced to the logs.bin file. However, those who upgraded would still have the old gateway log, until 7.3.3 where the installers would edit the file to stop logging.

The file should be located in /var/lib/ignition/data, and you have two options:

[ul]- remove all lines in the file that contain “FileAppender”, which removes the html log

  • keep the html log, but change it’s directory (there’s a variable in that file which sets the destination directory)[/ul]

Thanks. The file did still contain references to the HTML log as you described and that is now fixed.

This raises the question, how did we end up with an outdated configuration file?

Current Ignition version is 7.5.4, possibly been upgraded from 7.5.2, but no earlier than that. However, we did do a full gateway restore to import our projects, some of which have been going since 7.2. If the gateway backup/restore system does not run migration scripts this could effectively result in some migration steps being skipped.

This does make me wonder what other outdated configuration we might have.

Yeah, I was able to confirm this behavior. The gateway backup brings over the file, which overwrites whatever changes an installer would’ve made. We’ll look into a solution, but the good news is now your logging should be fixed, and the old log information should no longer be propagated through gateway backups.

Thanks again.