Gateway Status API

I know there is an api that you can call on a gateway that returns information about its current status, like if it’s starting, etc.

I have been racking my brain trying to find where it’s documented and can’t find the url anywhere!

If anyone knows where the endpoint is that would be fantastic


/StatusPing (case sensitive…) is what commissioning uses.
/system/gwinfo returns more general info.

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Awesome thanks Paul! Is this somewhere In the documentation and I’m just blind?

Probably not. I’d consider it an ‘implementation detail’ - technically subject to change from any Ignition version to the next. In practice, that’s pretty unlikely (gwinfo in particular is used by the launchers, I’m pretty sure), but still possible.

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Is there by chance something like this for finding module's statuses as well? This gwinfo data is very helpful but I'd also need module status for some third party modules that are running.

Hmm, the info you want is probably available at http://localhost:8088/data/status/modules, but it requires authentication that will probably be a blocker.

If you have the WebDev module you could probably build an endpoint that doesn't require auth.

Module status doesn't change after startup, it either starts and goes into LOADED or RUNNING state, or it doesn't.

Thanks so much for the help here Kevin!

Is there any documentation or tips you could give me on how to deal with that authentication instead of going the WebDev route?

Also to the later point, is that also true for modules that are from other companies? As in, the gateway won't show a different status if the module does go down?

Authentication is not documented and if I recall it's really difficult to do progamatically because it was never meant for that. There's something about needing to manually obtain a session cookie or something... you'd have to figure it out on your own. Search the forum for "jsessionid".

Modules don't "go down". They start or don't start, and the state is represented by an enum of the following:


Unless told to restart. Or replaced with a new version. Or uninstalled. Or new ones added.

{v8.3 isn't out yet....}

My point is that once a module starts, there is no failure that can occur to change its status.

But yes, it could be removed or restarted.

I really appreciate the help here, thanks again and it looks like I have some threads I can pull on. I'll post here with anything I find out :slight_smile: