Gateway System tag isActive is broken after upgrade 7.9.1RC1

I upgrade a 7.9.0 redundant gateway to 7.9.1-RC1,
the system tag Gateway\Redundancy\IsActive is broken.
When I browse in designer, I have : Gateway\Redundancy\IsActive\Null ???

:scratch: Always this issue with 7.9.1.

Scan class driven by tag [System]Gateway\Redundancy\IsActive seem not working anymore ???
This issue seem occur after the first gateway restart… :open_mouth:

The issue seems to be Expression Tag (or Driven scan class) with reference to a tag path like [System]…
When you reference to [System]Gateway\Redundancy\IsActive in an expression tag, this tag ([System]Gateway\Redundancy\IsActive) is broken in the designer, after a gateway restart !

This issue might be fixed in the recent production version of Ignition 7.9.1. Just saying it might be fixed.


Hi Nick,

Issue is still there in Version: :cry:

This has been fixed for 7.9.2.

:thumb_right: Hope a 7.9.2 beta or release candidate will available soon to check this fix !