Gateway Tag Change Event Wildcards

I am running Ignition 8.0.10
When defining Gateway Tag Change Events and adding the tag paths, I can not get the wildcards to work. For example,

Works, but


does not work.

Might there be some additional magic I am not aware of?

I would like to know this as well. I’m trying this from the Client Event level and wildcards don’t work (not sure if they were meant to in client events).

Wildcards only work at the folder level, which is OPs problem.

I’m not sure if they work in the client. What path are you trying to use?

In the Client Events - Tag Change, I tried using something like - [default]Area/Site* - and it doesn’t work, even if there are tags directly under it. So maybe it doesn’t work in Client Events. Also, are these recursive where they get the tags under subfolders?

What if you try [default]Area/Site/*?

That didn’t work either. (*we are on version 8.0.11).