Gateway Tag Change Script - Write to Same Tag

Will there be an issue (i.e. endless calls) to a gateway tag change script if the script itself updates the tag that it’s watching?

Pretty sure that is a yes.


Unless you put conditions in your change script to limit when it executes the body, e.g. exclude specific values from executing the body

That’s what I’ve done. Thanks for verifying.

I have multiple clients that can change a gateway tag (via script on log in) I’m using to make sure an authorized user has logged in within a certain amount of time after a door opens. I needed a tag change script to change it back if one of the clients is still logged in when a different client logs out.

If that’s session specific, it shouldn’t be a tag but a session property. You’re gonna run into issues (I believe you already have) if you try to handle things like this.

Using vision, not perspective. Client tags are local to the clients, no?

Yep, don’t mind me.